A Collaborative & Diverse Group


Malcolm saw in South Australia the opportunuty to bring his passion for Aerospace and innovation to live, and founded Jarmyn Enterprise Space. Malcolm leads the progress of JES' activities as its CEO.

Chief Engineer

Allan is the Chief Engineer responsible for integrating the several different components of our work into its final working system, leading design in all phases of the project and coordinating the engineering activities.

Chief Propulsion and Feed Engineer

Miesha works as the Chief Propulsion Engineer, in charge of designing the heart of the rockets, the turbomachinery responsible for pumping the fuel and oxidiser through the rocket and feeding it into the engine.

Additive Manufacturing Engineer

April is the our company's Additive Manufacturing expet, and is advancing the capability of the company with new technology.

Malcolm Jarmyn

CEO and Founder

Ameet Shah

Chief Business Officer

Swarup Duragkar

Mechatronics Engineer

Allan Dias

Chief Engineer

Mechatronics Engineer

Miesha Gamage

Chief Propulsion Engineer

Varun Kashyap

Mechatronics Engineer

April Staines

Additive Manufacturing Engineer

Ajay Bade

Mechatronics Engineer